28th of June 2005:
Chris Bytebier participated in the international painting competition "Concurso Internacional de Artes Plásticas 2005 Compositor Antonio Gualda" in Granada with her work "Espejos Divertidos" (Funny Looks) and has been selected as one of the finalists. There were artist from 5 continents and 35 countries participating in the competition. Her painting will be on display in Granada during the month of October 2005 and at some other art expositions yet to be announced.
15th of April 2005:
Chris Bytebier participated in the painting competition "Arte Joven 2005" (Young Art 2005) in Madrid with two paintings. Both paintings have been selected to be displayed in an exhibit at the "Sala de Exposiciones de la Casa de la Juventud" in Madrid-Algete from the 18th of April to the 6th of May 2005.
10th of April 2005:
Chris Bytebier now also has her own painting gallery at one of the large internet galleries: Fine-Art.com. Go and have a look and give your opinion on-line about her work.
1st of March 2005:
Chris Bytebier receives the "1st Honourable Mention" in the drawing and painting competition "Concurso de Dibujo et Pintura Tanatologia 2005" in Spain with her painting "La muerte me abrazará" (Death embraces me)
28th of Februar 2005:
Chris Bytebier is amongst the finalists in the painting competition "III Certamen Lucus Augusti" with her painting "Danza Primaveral" (Springtime Dance). All paintings of the finalists will be on exposition from the 3th of March to the 21st of March in the Cultural Center "Uxio Novoneyra" in Lugo, Spain.

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