Being born in Africa on the 13th of august 1985, in the midst of a riot of colours, must have inspired Chris in one way or another.

Somehow timid and shy, her canvases shows nothing of this side of her nature.

Bright and vivid colours and powerful brushstrokes - action painting as such - seems to be her second nature

Artistic training :

Mostly for technical know-how, she twice went to Belgium in 2003 to study with the Belgian painter, JL Desmet.
In the summer of 2003 she sold her first canvas “Colour Reflecting a Dream”, one of her first canvases showing her skills as an abstract painter.

Goals :
Put in her own words : “I’m still very young, and I have so many things to learn."
"One thing I do know, I love to paint, and with hard work I might get there some day!”
“I feel attracted to many different art forms, music for one, but acting is something I really would like to try
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